2020年01月04日 11:15
摘要: 近几年,随着科技和信息技术的快速发展,我国已进入新媒体时代。在这种时代背景下,数字化渗透进了人们息息相关的生活中并得到极好的应用。数字电视、数字杂志、APP数字报纸等数字化应用应运而生。在报纸版式设计方面,传统报刊单位大多延续单一、较陈旧的版式设计。APP数字报纸由于其具有的数字性、网络性而具有更灵活的发展空间。在版式设计方面,风格也与传统报纸有着极大的不同。本文通过对APP数字报纸的性质、版式发展及新媒体时代下数字报纸的版式设计风格的分析,对设计风格进行改进创新,以此推进APP数字报刊的发展。
关键词: APP数字报纸;版式设计风格;改进创新
中图分类号: G213;; 文献标识码: A;; 文章编号: 1672-9129(2018)09-0015-01
Abstract: In recent years, with the rapid development of science and technology and information technology, China has entered the era of new media. In this era, digital penetration has penetrated into people's closely related life and has been well applied. Digital applications such as digital TV, digital magazines, and APP digital newspapers have emerged. In terms of newspaper layout design, most of the traditional newspapers and periodicals units continue to have a single, older layout design. The APP digital newspaper has more flexible development space due to its digital and network nature. In terms of layout design, the style is also very different from traditional newspapers. This paper promotes the development of APP digital newspapers and periodicals by improving the design style by analyzing the nature and layout of APP digital newspapers and the layout design style of digital newspapers in the new media era.