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Requirements Description of Online Shopping Mall With the development of society, the network has penetrated into every aspect of social life, people are using the Internet to achieve learning, entertainment, communi-cation and shopping, so online shopping mall came into being. Based on this, we have designed and developed the online shopping mall sys-tem. For the convenience of the user to use the system, familiar with the system func-tions, particularly the preparation of the document, while the document guiding the development of a software project. This document describes in detail the needs of the various parts of the online shopping mall. For future software developers to more eas-ily understand the code, modify and expand the software capabilities to prepare. The software was developed in order to complete an online shopping mall, and online shopping and its management, as a stand-alone software, used in commercial operations. At the same time the future by developing the software, familiar with ob-ject-oriented softwareengineering, UML, software development process and the use of JSP, Servlet, Struts, Hibernate and Spring framework, grasp the scientific approach to software development and guide our work. Online shopping is through the Internet to retrieve product information, and send the request via electronic shopping order form, then fill in personal checks or credit card account numbers, vendors shipped by mail order or by courier delivery. With the further spread of Internet use in China, online shopping has become one of people's online behavior, according to CNNICstatistics report released by 14th Internet, China is currently 7.3% of Internet users have online shopping habits, that is, there more than six million Chinese Internet users buy their own favored mer-chandise from the site. From the parties to the transaction types are divided into two forms one is B2C, namely in the form of business-to-customer (if the commodities audiovisual Joyo, business IT digital products e800 mall), the other is C2C, namely the customer in the form of the customer (such as Taobao, eBay beat 123). First of all, for consumers, online shopping has many advantages: at home, "going shopping", order is not restricted by time; get a larger amount of product information, you can not buy local goods; online payment more traditional take cash more secure, to avoid loss of cash or looted; from ordering, potential buyers

do not need to visit the site to cargo door, save time and effort; as the online commod-ity eliminating rent stores, store employees and called a series of storage costs, total speaking Price than similar goods are generally cheaper shopping centers. Secondly, for the business, Internet sales no inventory pressure, low operating costs, scale of opera-tion without space restrictions in the future there will be more companies have chosen to sell online, through the Internet to market information and timely feedback timely adjustments to business strategy , in order to enhance economic efficiency and ability to participate in international competition of enterprises. Again, for the entire market economy, this new shopping patterns in a larger context, the more levels to achieve more efficient allocation of resources. In summary we can see, online shopping to break the barriers of traditional business, both for consumers and businesses still have a huge market appeal and influence in the new economic era is undoubtedly the ideal model to achieve "win-win" effect. Different online shopping process will be different on different specific aspects of implementation, the specific implementation in many areas have their own clear specific methods and content. On payment, in order to ensure the safety of shopping, shoppers safeguard the interests of, for example, a shopping site to take data encryp-tion, third-party payment, cash on delivery and other measures. Web-based online shopping mall, the user issues a request to the Internet Servic-es server by the client browser, the server through the network to provide appropriate services in response to requests. Administrators can also remotely manage a net-work. By the final delivery, the administrator completes the entire order processing, order status and marked as processed. We will store users into three categories: mall managers, registered users, unre-gistered users. Mall managers carefully managed the mall business, dedication to customer service, and to maximize the economic benefits, he was familiar with each step of the process of online shopping mall, online shopping mall of goods and user information to manage and maintain. Unregistered users may be the first visit our online shopping mall, you could on-ly see the products but do not want to shoppers. Online shopping mall should prompt or guide them to register as a user, try to attract more users to make online shopping mall to maximize performance, to obtain the best results.

Registered users apparently more interested in online shopping mall, where the goods are willing to browse and order. The key is how to provide them with more at-tractive and better service. In order to increase the registered user's shopping enthu-siasm, we can based on the user's shopping cumulative amount of user selected stars, star of users can enjoy greater discounts. User ratings in the system can be preset to multiple levels. All users can access the online shopping mall. Registered users enter a name and password to log in, the right to registered stered users can apply for reg-istration, before the registration rights and obligations of users make it clear. Registered users need to fill out the registration form, including name, password, ID number, telephone number, email, mailing address, zip code. Only logged in user to be able to buy goods. Registered users can browse mer-chandise in their favorite products into the shopping cart, the user leaves the store be-fore closing for a shopping cart for items to confirm, click Next to enter the order submission page. At the same time a user fills out a purchase order, the order include: recipient's name, consignee contact telephone number, zip code consignee, consignee address. Users fill out this order, the system user details this purchase should appear again before the settlement process after confirmation by the user. In the settlement process, if the user account balance is insufficient to pay for this consumption, the order can not be submitted and alerts the user account balance is less than required delta, after the order is successfully submitted, by the background to the mall admin-istrator for further processing orders. Product categories are divided into categories and subcategories of goods, mer-chandise categories and subcategories. Product categories include: food, drink wine, cosmetics, household department stores, outdoor sports, garments, bags and so on ..., commodity subcategories under categories, such as: clothing and shoes under subclass includes: Men, Women , sportswear, children's wear ... etc. Product by prod-uct category entry. Entry information includes product name, belongs to the region (the default for the new zone), pictures Price, discounts, goods, commodity descrip-tion, date of manufacture. After the administrator to enter the order management system, the system auto-matically saves the current state is not "done" in order to display the top of the list submitted by press time Sort Order (Order today yesterday priority order); according

to user order status order processing, order status has been divided into orders being processed, shipped and disposed of four. The main point to note Mall building basic introductions, but the actual project in a variety of problems still occur here and did not expect a lot of demand, which re-quires careful study of our own, to find a lot of literature.

网上购物商城需求说明 随着社会的发展,网络已经深入到社会生活的方方面面,人们利用网络实现学习、娱乐、交流以及购物,于是网上购物商城应运而生。 基于此,我们设计开发了该网上购物商城系统。为方便用户使用该系统,熟悉系统功能,特编写该文档,同时以该文档指导软件项目的开发。本文档中详细地介绍了网上购物商城各个部分的需求。为软件开发人员以后更容易的理解代码,修改和扩充软件功能做准备。 本软件的开发是为了完成一个网上购物商城,实现网上购物及其管理,作为一个独立的软件,应用于商业运营。同时通过开发该软件,熟悉面向对象软件工程、UML、软件开发过程以及JSP、Servlet、Struts、Hibernate和Spring框架的使用,掌握科学的软件开发方法,指导以后的工作。 网上购物,就是通过互联网检索商品信息,并通过电子订购单发出购物请求,然后填上私人支票账号或信用卡的号码,厂商通过邮购的方式发货,或是通过快递公司送货上门。 随着互联网在中国的进一步普及应用,网上购物逐渐成为人们的网上行为之一,根据CNNIC第14次互联网统计报告公布的数据,中国目前7.3%的网民有网上购物的习惯,也就是说,有六百多万的中国网民会从网站上购买自己钟意的商品。 从交易双方类型分为两种形式一种是B2C,即商家对顾客的形式(如经营商品音像的卓越网、经营IT数码产品的e800商城),另一种是C2C,即顾客对顾客的形式(如淘宝网、易趣123拍)。 首先,对于消费者来说,网上购物有很多优点:可以在家“逛商店”,订货不受时间的限制;获得较大量的商品信息,可以买到当地没有的商品;网上支付较传统拿现金支付更加安全,可避免现金丢失或遭到抢劫;从订货、买货到货物上门无需亲临现场,既省时又省力;由于网上商品省去租店面、召雇员及储存保管等一系列费用,总的来说 其价格较一般商场的同类商品更便宜。其次,对于商家来说,由于网上销售没有库存压力、经营成本低、经营规模不受场地限制等,在将来会有更多的企业选择网上销售,通过互联网对市场信息的及时反馈适时调整经营战略,以此提高企业的经济效益和参与国际竞争的能力。再次,对于整个市场经济来说,这种新型的购物模式可在更大的范围内、更多的层面上以更高的效率实现资源配置。综上可以看出,网上购物突破了传统商务的障碍,无论对消费者、企业还是市场都有着巨大的吸引力和影响力,在新经济时期无疑是达到“多赢”效果的理想模式。

不同的网上购物流程在具体环节的实现上会有不同的差别,在很多环节的具体实现上都各自明确了具体的方式和内容。在付款方式上,为了保证购物的安全,维护购物者的权益,购物网站采取了譬如数据加密、第三方支付、货到付款等措施。 基于Web的网上购物商城,用户通过客户端浏览器向互联网服务器端发出相关服务请求,服务器端通过网络响应请求提供相应服务。管理员也可以通过网络实现远程的管理。最终通过送货,管理员完成整个订单处理,并标记订单状态为已处理。 我们将商城的使用者分为三类:商场管理者、注册用户、未注册用户。 商城管理者精心管理商城的业务,竭诚为顾客服务,并争取最大经济效益,他熟悉网上购物商城的各步流程,对网上购物商城中商品和用户信息进行管理和维护。 未注册用户可能是第一次登陆我们网上购物商城,也可能是只浏览商品但不想购物者。网上购物商城应提示或者引导他们注册成为用户,尽量吸引更多的用户,以使网上购物商城发挥最大的效能,取得最好的效益。 注册用户显然对网上购物商城比较有兴趣,愿意浏览这里的商品并且定购。关键是怎么样给他们提供更有吸引力和更优质的服务。为了提高注册用户购物的积极性,我们可以根据用户购物的累计金额评选星级用户,星级高的用户可以享受更大的打折优惠。用户的星级在系统里可预设为多个级别。 所有用户都可访问网上购物商城。已注册的用户输入姓名和密码即可登陆,享有注册用户的权利。未注册的用户可以申请注册,注册之前要让其明确用户的权利与义务。用户注册需要填写注册登记表,内容包括姓名、密码、身份证号、联系电话、邮箱、通信地址、邮编。 只有已登陆用户才能够购买商品。注册用户在浏览商品时可将自己喜欢的商品放进购物车,在用户离开商城结账前要对购物车内的商品进行确认,点击下一步进入订单提交页面。同时用户填写购物订单,订单内容包括:收货人姓名、收货人联系电话、收货人邮编、收货人详细地址。用户填好此订单后,系统应再次显示用户本次购物的详细信息,经用户确认后方可进行结算处理。在结算处理中,如果用户账号中的余额不足以支付本次消费,则订单不能提交并提醒用户帐户余额不足需要冲值,订单成功提交后,由后台商城管理员来进一步处理订单。 商品类别分为商品大类和小类,商品大类和小类。商品大类包括:食品、酒饮、化妆品、家居百货、运动户外、服装鞋帽、箱包„等等,商品小类在大类之下,例如:服装鞋帽下的小类包括:男装、女装、运动装、童装„等等。商品按商品类别进行录入。录入信息包括商品名称、所属区域(默认为新品区)、单价、折扣、商品的图片、商品描述、出厂日期等。

管理员进入订单管理系统后,系统自动将当前状态为未“处理完毕”的订单显示在列表的最上面并按订单的提交时间排序(昨天的订单优先于今天的订单);可以根据用户订单状态处理订单,订单状态分为已下单、正在处理、已发货和处理完毕四种。 商城建设需要注意的主要点基本介绍完毕,但在实际项目中还是会出现各种各样的问题和很多这里没想到的需求,这就需要我们自己认真研究,查找大量文献资料。